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Facet Joint Injections

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Facet Joint Injections

About Facet Joint Injections

A facet joint injection is a simple in-office treatment that provides serious benefits for pain relief. If you want to learn more about how a facet joint injection can lessen your chronic pain, schedule an evaluation with the experienced team at Commonwealth Pain & Spine. Call the office nearest you today. Commonwealth Pain & Spin serves patients throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.

Facet Joint Injections Q&A

What are facet injections?

Facet injections are in-office treatments designed to relieve severe pain and discomfort. This simple yet effective treatment involves injecting a local anesthetic, or numbing solution, into one or more of the joints (known as facet joints) in vertebrae along your spine. 

The injected medication quickly numbs your joints and connective tissues, relieving pain. Results from facet injections are often long-lasting, so you can get back to doing many things you enjoy with few or no limitations. 

How can facet injections help me? 

Your provider at Commonwealth Pain & Spine may recommend facet injections if you have pain that’s starting to lower your quality of life, affect your work, or prevent you from participating in enjoyable activities. 

Personalized facet injection treatment plans can:

  • Decrease chronic back pain, particularly lower back pain
  • Help with failed back surgery syndrome
  • Serve as an alternative to back surgery

Facet injections from Commonwealth Pain & Spine are also commonly used to treat degenerative issues and pain associated with arthritis. 


What happens during a facet injection procedure?

Facet injections are performed in the office at Commonwealth Pain & Spine, so you won’t have to go anywhere else to get the pain-relieving treatment you need. A local anesthetic may be used to numb the area for maximum comfort.

The team uses X-ray guidance, known as fluoroscopy, to inject the targeted area with a contrast dye. This way, they can ensure that the needle is in the precise location needed. 

The next step involves injecting the facet medication solution, which may include lidocaine for numbing, as well as anti-inflammatory medications, such as steroids and cortisone. Facet joint injection treatments take just a few minutes. 

After completing your facet injection procedure, you must take it easy for the rest of the day. Plan on having someone stay with you and drive you home. Usually, you can return to all of your normal activities the day after your facet injection procedure from Commonwealth Pain & Spine.

Book your facet injection evaluation at Commonwealth Pain & Spine today. Call the office nearest you in Kentucky, Indiana, or Illinois.