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Patient Guarantee

Our Pledge to the Patients We Serve

treating you to a better life


We will respect and value each patient and their personal struggle with chronic pain. We will listen attentively and respond in ways that suit their unique needs, wishes and circumstances. In fulfilling our roles, we will seek to work collaboratively with the patient to achieve the best possible outcomes and to empower them with the tools necessary to help manage their own care.


We will accept all new patients seeking relief regardless of their status or condition. We will not “cherry pick” those we serve. We have a pledge to provide new patients with timely access to our services. Our scheduling staff is devoted to finding appointments for new patients within ten business days of referral or initial contact.

Customer Service

We understand that our patients have a choice and deserve the highest quality of care and service attainable. We value patients as our customers and are proud to pioneer a shift in the way medical services are offered. At each touchpoint, our staff will work to ensure that the patient’s needs are priority #1.


We will strive to always do our best and continually look for ways to improve our delivery model and patient outcomes. We will ensure that all information and options provided in relation to your pain are based on the most up-to-date, peer reviewed medical science. We pledge to promote only evidence-based policies and practices at all times.