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Commonwealth Occupational Medicine

Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment

Rapid return to work initiatives

Timely communication with employers, insurers, and case managers

Expedient and cost-effective medical services

Experienced team of occupational medicine providers and support staff

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Who is Commonwealth Occupational Medicine?

We at Commonwealth Occupational Medicine, strive to provide professional and individualized care to allowing employees a faster return to full duty through more than seven occupational health clinics located across Kentucky and Indiana.

Our Commitment to You and Your Patients

Rapid Return To Work

Commonwealth Occupational Medicine focuses on the evaluation, treatment and resolution of work-related injuries. Besides providing excellent care to the injured employee, we understand the workers compensation system and ensure clear communication to the employer, insurer, case manager, and the employee. We believe timely communication is the key to helping injured employees get back to work quickly and safely. Convenient online referral services provide employers, insurers, and case managers with immediate access to our a direct line and email to our Occupational Medicine Specialist. This ensures quick and easy access for new patient referrals and scheduling of procedures with our experienced team of occupational medicine providers.

Get back to work, get back to life. Call (502) 919-9781, or send us an email.

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